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What is Next??

Next we need to do an application.  The application process can be done any number of ways.  What ever is most comfortable for you and your schedule.  Being a mobile mortgage broker makes the process very flexible for both you and me. 


Application Options


  • Set up a meeting

  • I can do the application over the phone

  • I can email you a copy of my application form

  • Or you can down load one here.


For the application I would recommend you have on hand the following;


  • Employer information for the last 3 years including income

  • Previous addresses for the last 3 years

  • A list of assets and their values

  • A list of all of your debts, their balances and their minimum monthly payments

  • Information about the property you plan to purchase if it is available yet.

  • If divorced or separated a copy of your divorce agreement


Once this is complete I will quickly get to work.  I will pull your credit at this point and put together qualifying details.

Download Application

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