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About Me | Shawn Mooney | Airdrie Mortgage Broker | Bayfield Mortgage Professionals Ltd.


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My name is Shawn Mooney; I am a residential mortgage broker.  It all started back in 2004 when my dad and I were fishing on his boat in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.  As a father of 2 at that time, it was decided that it was time to enter a career.  I had a job, one that I had been working at for over 5 years but it was just that.  Only a job, not something I would be able to advance at.  My dad was a veteran in the mortgage industry with over 30 years’ experience then so it seemed only natural that I to get in to the business. 


On November 3rd 2005, after completing the course offered by the Real Estate Council of Alberta I became a licensed mortgage associate.  I have been working in the Mortgage Industry ever since. 


Since I began, I have completed several hundred transactions, definitely over 500 of them.    I specialize in residential mortgage financing and arrange custom solutions for House Purchases, refinances, investment property purchases, renewals, debt consolidation, 2nd mortgages, HELOCS and so much more. 


In July 2022, I have completed the Mortgage Brokers Program, which is a higher level of education.  This education allows me the privilege of running the Alberta Bayfield Mortgage Professionals which I anticipate will happen in the coming month.  

I would be happy to assist with all of your mortgage needs. Contact me now!!


Let me be your Mortgage Broker for Life!

Richard Brodeur, Shawn Mooney, Garth Butcher and Kirk McLean
MBABC Conference February, 2016 - Bayfield Booth
Richard Brodeur, ME, Garth Butcher and Kirk McLean
Cliff Ronning, Shawn Mooney and Garth Butcher
MBABC Conference February, 2016 - Bayfield Booth
Cliff Ronning, ME and Garth Butcher
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