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If you are separating or divorcing, a spousal separation mortgage can help one of spouses to purchase the family home.

Spousal Separation Mortgage

Separation and divorce can be extremely stressful.  As your mortgage broker, I can help alleviate at least a little of the stress. Usually one (ex) spouse or the other will end up keeping the matrimonial house, most times so that you can keep the children in their home.  This mortgage allows one (ex) spouse to buy the house from the other.  As such we can treat it as a purchase instead of a refinance which allows a little more flexibility.  

Quick Facts - Benefits

  • 95% Financing available

  • Allows one spouse to keep the house

  • Helps avoid the sale of the house

  • In some cases debt can be included

  • Releases ones obligations

  • Removes one from Title

  • And More!!

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