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If you are refinancing and don't have enough equity, maybe refiancing plus improvements can help. With this product you can add the upgrades to your mortgage which can allow you to refinance above 80% of your value.

Refinance Plus

Is your house out dated and in need of costly renovations?

Maybe there is something about your house you just don't like. Perhaps doing some home improvements or renovations might make your house perfect.  With my Refinance Plus Improvements, you can refinance your house and add the cost of expensive renovations in to your mortgage.  

Quick Facts - Benefits

  • Access the best rates

  • Cheaper than carrying the debt on credit cards

  • Increase your homes value

  • Build a garage

  • Develop the basement

  • Put on an addition

  • New Paint

  • Renovate bathroom

  • Renovate kitchen

  • New Flooring

  • Higher loan to value

  • Access more of your home equity

  • And much more.

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