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Want to buy a house but cannot save a down-payment?

I don’t know about you, but I find that it is quite difficult to save these days. Maybe you have saved a little but can’t seem to save the rest. The cost of living keeps going up and rent makes it difficult to save. This product might be perfect for you.

The Flex-Down mortgage allows potential home-owners to borrow the down-payment needed to purchase a house. So, let’s just say the price of a home you wanted to purchase is $400,000, the down payment required would be $20,000. With this program you could apply for a loan or a line of credit to cover the down payment amount, $20,000, thus allowing you to purchase the house you want. I have people who can help with this.

With the Flex-Down mortgage, you must qualify with the extra payment on the loan. So, if it is a line of credit, we must add $600 per month to your debt obligations. That said, usually all that is required for the line of credit payment per month is interest only so as little as $150 per month you could have the money you need for the down payment. You could also set it up as a loan and try to pay it off in 3-5 years if you can afford to do so.

There are only a small handful of lenders who still offer this product so don’t be surprised if your bank says no. This product is perfect for someone with good credit and good income. I recently worked with a client who made good money, didn’t have much debt and had good credit. He was able to get a line of credit for the down payment and purchase his first home.

Quick Facts

• While the cost of living keeps increasing it could continue to push home ownership out of reach

• Become a home owner now

• Access to the lenders best rates just the same

• Stop paying someone else’s mortgage, pay your own

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