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Have you Taken a Look at your Financial Picture Lately? 🏘️💵

These days it is more important than ever to take a good look at your overall financial picture. An annual review of your Mortgage can help you achieve your financial goals. I offer Free advice with options provided for restructuring your mortgage.

An annual review of your mortgage is important as your needs and life circumstances may have changed. As your “Mortgage Broker for Life”, I provide a Free service in which I will review your mortgage and your individual situation to review as part of my Mortgage Health Check-Up. You may have a mortgage that is not right for you anymore.

Please see 5 reasons that you may need a Mortgage Health Check-Up,

Please see 5 reasons that you may need a Mortgage Health Check-Up,

1. You may have a Rate Higher than you could get today.

• Variable rate higher than Prime Minus 0.5%. Further it is possible we see upwards of 1.5% rate increases on this by the end of the year.

• If your mortgage is coming up for renewal in the next year you may want to consider your options now as fixed rates have been rising over the last year.

2. You may be carrying a lot of debt at very high interest. If you are sitting on even $20,000 in debt, you could save Hundreds, if not Thousands in interest and lower your monthly payments.

• Why not roll the debt in to your mortgage? With my strategies, you don’t have to start over, but you can save thousands and pay off your mortgage even quicker.

3. Your house may need costly renovations or upgrades. Including these expenses in your mortgage will a lot cheaper than trying to obtain 3rd party financing at higher interest rates.

• I have a refinance plus improvements program which is extremely useful in these situations even if you don’t think you have enough equity.

• You may have more equity than you think. Property values are still really good.

4. Is your mortgage up for renewal this year or next?

• I have helped several clients lately get in to lower interest rates now. You won’t have to worry about future rate increases.

5. You have an extraordinary expense coming up.

• Do you have a child going to college, or getting married?

• Perhaps you want to help your children to purchase a house of their own.

Ask the Experts

While home mortgage health checks are a fantastic way to refinance your mortgage and reassess your finances, we don’t expect you to do all of the above yourself. Whatever questions you have relating to reviewing your mortgage, it’s always a good idea to contact a lender or your financial adviser. As experts, a mortgage broker can provide you with the most appropriate advice when it comes to switching to another home mortgage product that suits your requirements.

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